Pictures of Muharram mourning in Kenya

Hussein’s Mourning Band in Lamu, Kenya

Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremony was held every year in Nairobi, Kenya by Shiites. Here are some pictures of the event.

Train Africans took a walk along the pilgrims and lovers Seyedolshohada ready to serve your loved ones is orthogonal to 1097. Hope to meet you

approaching the days of Arbaein Hosseini’s walk from Najaf to Karbala. Africanlovers of Seyyed Al Shohada ready to receive the mourners from all around the globe’in this bright spot. the African tent is on the pin of 1097

A group of Nigeria’s children and teens mourned for her, commemorating Taha, a 4-year-old martyr at the Ahwaz terrorist incident.

Mourning Shiites in Lamu in Kenya

Mattam by Shia brothers in Nakuru

Marsiya by children at Ahlul Bayt Centre – Riruta