Pictures of Muharram mourning in Kenya

Hussein’s Mourning Band in Lamu, Kenya

Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremony was held every year in Nairobi, Kenya by Shiites. Here are some pictures of the event.

December 25, is marked as the day of Christmas across the world. The birth day of Jesus Christ is celebrated differently. But largely it has a religious theme as Christian faithful remember the sacrifices of the man they believe died on the cross to grant them salvation. Across Africa as is the case through much […]

video\The presence of Africans on Arbean’s walk Click here

Train Africans took a walk along the pilgrims and lovers Seyedolshohada ready to serve your loved ones is orthogonal to 1097. Hope to meet you

Every country has its everyday people, call them the ordinary citizens, those that go about their daily activities with the aim of making ends meet. The people who play quotidian roles with the aim of contributing to national development. These are the people respective governments are supposed to work to serve. Thanks to social media, […]

A group of Nigeria’s children and teens mourned for her, commemorating Taha, a 4-year-old martyr at the Ahwaz terrorist incident.

Over a dozen African leaders joined their peers from across the world for a major event at the ongoing 73rd United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, at the UN Headquarters in New York. The Nelson Mandela Peace Summit was the second big Mandela event at the UNGA after a life-size statue of the former leader was […]